Fringe Programme "Goose" Entry

Fringe Programme “Goose” Entry

One of the best parts of my experience within this “Follow the Fringe” course was being lucky enough to work on the performance “Goose.” After seeing the show once, I was hooked. The impressive writing and acting from Michael Yichao made it so that I was excited to see the show every single day. Sarah Shoemaker’s performance as the goose was memorable and the movement she created for the piece was spot on. The show transports you back in time to when you were thirteen, and the nostalgia really draws you into the piece. Now that I’m back home in the US, I find myself quoting some of Michael Yichao’s words, or going through pictures of the show and smiling, it’s effects resonating with me even though it’s been five days since I last saw it.

Below are some of my favorite pictures from the show, and if you happen to be in Edinburgh, I cannot recommend this piece enough!


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Michael Yichao, Playwright/Actor on “Goose”

Recently I sat down with Michael Yichao outside of Venue 13, where he is performing in “Goose”, a play he wrote and is currently acting in at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe as part of CalArts Festival Theater. Yichao very kindly agreed to talk with me for a little while about his background and his process with “Goose.” He is a lovely person and had a lot of insight to share.

Sarah Virgo of ThreeWeeks Edinburgh gave “Goose” a five-star review, writing “I could have listened to Yicaho’s [sic] monologue-style thoughts for hours”, and I completely agree. Having seen the show several times throughout the documentation process, I was most struck by the power of Yichao’s writing. It is a poignant and moving stream-of-consciousness style narrative related by 13-year old Dallin, a character who is wise, funny, charming and vulnerable all at once.

The full interview will be included in the archive at the University of Maryland and at CalArts, but for now I’d like to share this short clip with you, in which Yichao talks about what it’s like to play a 13-year old and about his writing inspiration for this piece.

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