Keep Calm and Sit Down

As other posts have mentioned, we’ve made it to Edinburgh and the Fringe Festival! It really is a spectacle of epic propotions, in which you cannot walk a block along the Royal Mile without seeing a performance of some sort, or be handed dozens of fliers for different shows. In fact, I do not think I have been handed the same flier twice in the two days we have been here!

Venue 13Yesterday, we were able to see the venue in which the shows we will be documenting for CalArts will take place. Venue 13, which is along the Royal Mile, will be our home for the next week, as we record their three performances. We also were told that Venue 13 is one of the longest standing venues to consecutively host Fringe performances.

The documentation process will consist of a few different parts. Along with recording the performances in full, we will also be taking still images and interviewing the casts and crew members. The performance I will be working is Goose, but more on the show in another post. Yesterday was dress rehearsal for two of the shows, including Goose, and tech (see Heather’s post for “tech” clarification) for the other.

Venue 13 Box Office

Venue 13 Box Office

Today was the opening performance of Goose, and our first attempt at recording a full performance for documentation. The performance itself went smoothly, and I am excited to continue to learn more about it as we watch more showings! The recording, however, did not. Technical difficulties got the best of documentation team Goose, and we were unable to keep any of the footage we shot. Fortunately, we will have more chances, and seeing the show again only helped us further understand the pace and setting of the place, giving us even more guidance for round 2. This round will be a knockout for documentation team goose.

The documentation process is new to me, but while I work through the kinks and learn along the way, I’ve decided to take the advice of a prophetic bench in our hostel’s courtyard, and…


… which works especially well when watching performances ;-)

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